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League Games


League Games

  • Scramble – Everyone in foursome hits their tee shot. Choose the best shot & all players hit the next shot from there. One score for each foresome. Lowest score wins!
  • Uglies – Throw out any 2 scores that are double bogey or worse!
  • Blind Partners – After play, each player will be randomly paired with another player. The scores of partners will be added together to get team score. Partners with lowest score wins!
  • Ribbon Game – Each player gets a colored ribbon at the beginning of the night.  After each hole, the foursome will draw 1 ribbon from an envelope.  The person with the matching color has their score counted for the group.  The group with the lowest total score wins!
  • 3 Blind Holes – After play, 3 holes will be randomly selected. The scores of these 3 holes are subtracted from your total score. New score is used to determine winner.
  • 3 Club Monte – Each player is only allowed 3 clubs (plus your putter) on the course. Low score wins!
  • Know Your Score – Before play begins, inform league coordinator your anticipated score. Play as usual. The member that guessed their score most accurately wins! (ex. Kim guessed 65; actual 65; difference of 0. Ellen guessed 58; actual 50; diff. of -8.  Kim wins!)
  • Low Putts – Player with lowest number of putts wins!
  • Score without Putts – After play, each player subtracts their total number of putts from their score. Low score wins!

Pace of Play Reminders

  • Play ready golf.  If it is safe and not interfering, playing out of turn is permissible. (USGA decision 10-2c/2)
  • Turn cellphone off or on vibrate.
  • Minimize practice swings.
  • After 10 strokes, please pick-up and move on to play the next hole.
  • When in doubt, hit a provisional ball.  Eliminate the need to go back to where you hit your last shot.
  • Carry a spare ball in your pocket so that you do not have to go back to your bag/cart when you need to hit a provisional ball.
  • Limit your search for a lost ball to 3 minutes.
  • If you are the cart driver, drop off your passenger at their ball before proceeding to your own ball.
  • If you are the passenger, take more than one club to your shot and proceed down the fairway after your shot.  Do not wait for the driver to pick you up.
  • Think about your next shot as you walk or drive to your ball. Figure out the yardage and what club to hit and not wait and take minutes at the ball to make your decision.
  • Be aware of the group in front of you. Look ahead not behind.
  • Hitting into the group in front of you unacceptable.   If this happens once, it is considered a mistake or an error in judgment, any more than that is simply discourteous to other golfers.
  • Don’t move or talk during another player’s stroke.
  • Don’t make a shadow across hole.  Position your body so that your shadow does not interfere with others’ concentration.
  • Study your line of putt while others are preparing to putt. Do not wait until it is your turn. When you are on the green, finish out your putts instead of marking your ball and waiting.
  • Park golf carts to the side or behind the green so that when you finish putting you will be moving away from the field of play and towards the next tee.
  • Record scores at the next tee, not greenside.